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This plan allows your entire family exclusive access to monthly Naked Health virtual events. Please follow our calendar of events for updates. These structured events are focused on wellness and motivating people to live their best lives.  

  • Naked Health Unlimited Telemedicine

    Every year
  • What does your Direct Care Plan include?
    It includes unlimited virtual visits, on-site sick visits, and access to all virtual wellness educational events sponsored by Naked Health.
  • What services are not covered under your Direct Primary Care plan?
    Vaccines and in-office procedures are offered at a discount to our standard prices. Cash pay prices are available for third party imaging and labs. In-office labs, like strep, flu, covid, A1c, and lipid panels range from $15-$60.
  • Do you charge an annual membership fee?
    No, there are no additional charges.
  • What types of events will you feature with your plan?
    Our Direct Primary Care plan includes the Naked Health virtual events presented by lifestyle physicians, health coaches, psychologists, nutritionists, and physical therapists. In our events we focus on six lifestyle domains. These include healthful eating, movement, stress management, risky substance avoidance, restorative sleep, and the maintenance of healthy relationships. You have the opportunity to interact with presenters about the topics covered. The calendar of events or dates are subject to change but usually occur in the early evening. If you are unable to attend a virtual event you can gain access to a recorded version. It is our sincere hope to provide you with useful tips that activate health and improve lifespan.
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