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A Summer Family Opportunity

Contributing author: Diane Mandell

Owner of the Family Counseling Center in St. Petersburg shares a Summer Family Healthy Moment

Summer: A great opportunity for parents and kids to spend more time together. It’s about connecting. It’s a special time to create a mission statement for the family and develop colorful memories.

Parents, take a minute to think back to your own childhood. Popsicles, kick the can, lemonade stands, and family vacations. These family memories stay with us and give us an anchor to who we are as we grow. A few things you can do this Summer while making memories:

1. Start a weekly family meeting. Take turns running the meeting and the chairperson picks a dinner and fun activity following the meeting

2. Create a new routine for family members saying what each is grateful for while eating dinner.

3. Each member inserts 10 colorful post-its of their favorite family activity. Each week, select a new activity that you can enjoy together. Seize the day, enjoy special family time, and take this opportunity to get to know one another in a more meaningful way!

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